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The Community Landrace Collective is a brand new online resource in the making.

Our goals are simple. Education, Preservation, Inspiration, and Empowerment.

We aim to encourage every grower to do their part to preserve, spread, share, and save landraces and heirloom genetics in the cannabis gene pool. Over the last 100 years, 93% of vegetable varieties have disappeared due to modern agriculture and lifestyle shifts. We want to prevent the same thing from happening in cannabis! Cannabis genetic diversity is under a very similar threat, with additional pressures from worldwide legal policies, stigma, and more. We are here to educate and empower. Every grower no matter how small or large is able to make seeds and preserve what rare strains they have, and we are here to help.

As fast flowering, highly refined and intensely marketed polyhybrid strains gain the spotlight, many of the finer intricacies of cannabis are pushed along to the wayside. We want to make sure that these strains are not lost to time, as they are hiding in delicate seeds in many of our collections.

Cannabis landrace and heirloom strains contain unique qualities that are often lost upon hybridization and difficult to find in modern strains. They often produce unique feelings and effects, flavor profiles, colors, textures, medicinal effects and novel cannabinoids!

In a world of hyped up super strains produced by incredible breeders (and sometimes by accident!) most growers are only familiar with the flavor of the month and the popular clones that go around, or the biggest seed producers' modern work. These plants are so amazing and have many advantages. However, the majority of them are very similar to each other, and are often direct genetic relatives or share a common ancestor. The diversity of expression is decreasing quickly, especially in commercial markets.

We want to shift the focus back to landrace and heirloom seed populations. A full range of plants exist from all across the globe. These can be quick heavy indica, sedative plants, all the way to long flowering equatorial varieties with trippy and psychedelic effects. There are also even auto flowering landraces from various regions. Each and every expression has its own value, if not to you, to somebody else. These landrace varieties produce highs that are much more distinctive than the hybrids we are mostly used to these days. Some of them can take you to places you’ve never known possible (both literally and metaphorically)

It is easy for growers to get involved and make bigger seed increases of what gems they have, and then share these special genetics with the community, whether for free, trade, or sale!

Take a look around our website for some inspiration. We aim to be a community based project, and your level of involvement with us is your choice. We hope you will utilize our resources as inspiration and have your own success as a positive force in preserving rare genetics, with or without joining our brand! We want to see everyone succeed, most importantly, we want to achieve one important goal: more landrace/heirloom seeds in circulation!

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