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Get Involved with CLC

If you would like to get started with reproducing your own landrace seed batch, the various pages of this website should contain the inspiration and advice you need in order to get started. Go for it!


Join our Discord Server to get involved and chat directly with us and other growers who want to be part of the movement!

If you want to help out and do a pollination, but you don't have any landrace seeds to work with, start looking around. There are some great companies who offer these, and many people who have them in their collections from trades, travels, purchases and more. You might also find something special in your pop's old seed stash. Jump in our Discord Server to communicate with other growers and see who can help you find something to work with! Be very sure to verify the legitimacy of your landrace seeds. We encourage reproducing and sharing seeds of all landraces, especially those which are hard to find. There are some companies selling landraces, and we want to see more of them, with more varieties available!

Next Steps:

Say you’ve made thousands of seeds of something really great. Now what? How can your seeds reach growers around the country or even the world?

Many of us are in the community and are already trading or selling seeds. If so, you know what to do! Go do your thing, and get those seeds out to anyone you can! Give them out, sell them, trade them, or do a little of everything! It will help if you’ve documented your process and written down everything you know about the variety you are working with. Seeds are great, but so is the information about what is inside the seeds! Don't leave it to be a mystery, if you want people to enjoy your special seeds, tell them what the genetics are like!

Join our Brand:
If you just want to give them out for free, we can connect you with a seed bank who would be willing to take your seeds and spread them to their customers for free! Approved projects can have our stamp of approval ‘Community Landrace Collective’ written on the package, or not, your choice!

If you aren’t active or public in the community or want someone else to handle the distribution part for you, we’ve got you covered! Even private growers can get their seeds out to the world with our platform.

If you think your seeds should be sold, and want to be compensated for your efforts, the Community Landrace Collective can help with our own brand of crowd sourced landrace seeds. We want to empower home growers in any way that we can. Not every grower has time to market seeds and deal with business, we all just want to garden more! Using our massive existing distribution network of global seed banks, we can help you to launch your seeds under our brand, with credit given to you as the grower/preservationist (if you wish, written on each pack!) There are various levels of involvement, wether you want to sell/give away the seeds or need us to do it for you, we can make something happen!

Contact us to see what we can do together at - Please note that we require that you’ve documented your process and can supply photographs and information about the genetics and your seed making project and more.

Even if you use our resources to make seeds and decide to market them on your own without our branding, logo, name, or any involvement with us, we are still happy! The main goal of the CLC is to empower everyone to get landrace and heirloom seeds out via any and all means necessary, with or without us! Thank you for doing your part!

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