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CLC is a group based resource, with our own community-supplied seeds coming in the future.

As this project is a brand new start, we do not currently have seeds available yet. We aim to have some projects available during 2023, and will update this page when they start to happen.

Our community contributed seed brand will consist of landrace/heirloom seeds reproduced/open pollinated and documented by anyone involved. These crowd sourced projects aim to be open and transparent, giving credit to the preservationist and any information they have about their genetic lines will be available online as well. Approved projects will get to use our branding (logo and name) on their packaging if desired, and may be sold or given away for free (up to the cultivator!) at various seed banks we connect them with and any they choose to connect with on their own, too.

Our main goal is to empower growers, and not to be a seed middleman (unless absolutely necessary to help a cultivator who is otherwise unable to get their seeds out)

Join our Discord to connect with other interested growers! We are not liable for the actions of others, so do not get scammed. It is not a place to buy or sell, it is a place to share information and connect!

Find Landrace Seeds from Others we Recommend:

We are not officially affiliated with the following brands. We get a lot of questions from people where they can find landrace seeds to add to their collection, and questions about who is legit. The following breeders have our personal stamp of approval, and they supply legitimate landrace seeds through their companies (many of these breeders also do make hybrids, so do your own research on individual varieties they offer!)

We love, in no particular order:

Ace Seeds

Snowhigh Seeds

Bodhi Seeds/Nierika Seed Trust/Medicine Mountain Sativa Research Center

The Landrace Team

Indian Landrace Exchange

If there are additional companies you think should be on this list, send us an email about them! We are passionate about landrace/heirloom strains and want growers to have as many trusted sources as possible to obtain them. We would love for more members of the community to be growing landrace genetics!


We are not saying to reproduce and sell packs that are already for sale by these companies and others, however we do encourage making more seeds of any and all lines, especially because companies do come and go, the valuable and unique  plants in everyone's vault must be preserved!

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